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 Brian M. Moloney, P.E, founded Millenium Engineering in June 1997 in Billings, MT. Brian received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University in 1984, and has been involved in all aspects of mechanical engineering since. He has been directly involved with building systems engineering and construction since 1988. Brian has extensive experience in client/owner contact, project design, project coordination and management, and construction contract administration 

Current Staff

 In December 2004 the offices were formally relocated to Helena. The office is fully staffed and equipped to provide complete engineering services. Current staffing in Helena includes Brian Moloney, P.E., Brandon Beardslee, and Aaron Larson

Company Philsophy

The company philpsophy is to provide the highest quality engineering services available to its clients. All too often, quality is an over used and ill-defined term. Our definition is specific: Quality is simply defined as providing products and services which are in conformance with the customers' needs and requirements. In order to achieve this, clear and open communication with the customer in defining their needs and requirements is mandatory. The result is an effective relationship with the customer, making a successful, quality project possible.

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