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Millenium Engineering Incorporated exists to provide the finest consulting engineering services to the Montana and Northern Wyoming region. These services encompass all traditional aspects of building engineering in the mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. These services include project definition and programming, design and drafting, preparation of contract documents, and construction contract administration.

HVAC designs can vary greatly depending upon each projects unique characteristics. Each project is engineered to suit the demands each system requires. The design team at Millenium Engineering Inc. has knowledge with the following HVAC equipment: Rooftop and outdoor units, open and closed loop chiller systems, hydronic heating and cooling systems, make-up and exhaust air systems, heat exchanger systems, variable air and constant air systems, furnace systems, air and water heat pump systems, split systems, reheat coil systems, duct-mounted heating/cooling systems, steam water and electric unit heaters, and many more HVAC systems.

In addition to the HVAC systems above, the mechanical and electrical engineering design professionals here have extensive knowledge in the realm of plumbing and piping systems. The plumbing systems that we implement include both potable and non-potable systems. Examples of potable water systems are domestic hot, cold, and recirculation systems. Non-potable water system examples include, but not limited to: waste and vent systems, grease disposal systems, propane or natural gas systems, boiler water circulation systems, compressor refrigerant systems, cooling water systems, and condensation systems.

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 The company philosophy is to provide the highest quality engineering services available to its clients. All too often, quality is an over used and ill-defined term. Our definition is specific: Quality is simply defined as providing products and services which are in conformance with the customers' needs and requirements. In order to achieve this, clear and open communication with the customer in defining their needs and requirements is mandatory. The result is an effective relationship with the customer, making a successful, quality project possible. 

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 Since its founding in 1997, MEI has provided engineering services for over 250 projects.

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